From Convention to Election Day

Fox and Friends First July 29, 2016 When it comes to politics, there are two separate worlds--the world of political junkies and the rest of America. Discussed what to expect between now and November, along with what Bernie Sanders' fans will do.

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The Complicated Reality of American Greatness

Donald Trump says he is campaigning to Make America Great again. Democrats like former Attorney General Eric Holder say that we are an “already-great nation.” In politics, of course, both sides think it’s great when their team is in charge but not so great when the other team [...]

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Neither Trump Nor Clinton Will Lead Nation On the First Wednesday in November

With political conventions in full swing, news organizations are in overdrive analyzing the implications for the first Tuesday in November. The nation is in uncharted waters since most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of both major party candidates. That could be downright depressing if America’s politicians really did [...]

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Clinton v. Trump: Opposing Cures for a Dysfunctional Political System

Over the past generation, there has been growing evidence that our dysfunctional political system is badly broken. For the past 30 years, neither party has been able to hold a sustainable governing majority in both Congress and the White House.  In fact, control has been divided between the [...]

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What the Death of Alton Sterling Can Teach Us About Making America Great

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate America’s highest ideals, including our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s an exuberant event filled with optimism about how a free and self-governing nation can create a better world. But this year’s celebration was immediately [...]

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In Declaring Independence, Politicians Were Following, Not Leading

I love the Fourth of July and the celebration of America's highest ideals... the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's filled with optimism about how a free and self-governing nation can create a better world. As we celebrate the Declaration of  Independence, though, it [...]

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Rasmussen Senate Projections: Still Close, Democrats a Bit Stronger

UPDATED JUNE 30 The Rasmussen Senate projections show little change over the past couple of weeks. The Republicans appear Likely to have 46 Senate Seats while the Democrats can feel good about 45. Two weeks ago, the GOP advantage was 46 to 44. The difference comes from Colorado [...]

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Brexit Shows Us The Future—And It’s Great

Journalists and historians tend to overestimate the impact of political events while underestimating the power of cultural trends. For example, we celebrate the Declaration of Independence as America’s founding document. That magnificent document is an eloquent statement of ideals that we have spent more than two centuries trying [...]

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Rasmussen Electoral College Projection: Clinton’s Lead Grows a Bit More Solid

UPDATED JUNE 27 The Rasmussen Electoral College Projections now shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by a margin of 201 to 164 with 173 votes still in play. That's a slight improvement for the presumptive Democratic nominee. Two weeks ago, she led 191 to 170. When “leaners” are [...]

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Discussing Brexit on O’Reilly Factor

Had the chance to talk about Brexit and immigration with Eric Bolling last night on the O'Reilly Factor. The decision to leave did not bring about change, it confirmed a change that had already taken place.