Discussing Brexit on O’Reilly Factor

Had the chance to talk about Brexit and immigration with Eric Bolling last night on the O'Reilly Factor. The decision to leave did not bring about change, it confirmed a change that had already taken place.

Uber Infuriates Regulators But Increases Public Safety

In the view of those who believe that bureaucrats know best, the only way to protect consumers from unscrupulous companies is to provide detailed regulations and a swarm of investigators to enforce them. They typically justify their role by claiming to champion the safety of helpless consumers. However, [...]

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Odds of Trump as GOP Nominee Slip From Peak of 97% to 86%

Two months ago, Senator Ted Cruz defeated businessman Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary and Trump's odds of winning the Republican nomination fell to 45% at That's a Prediction Market where people put real money behind their expectations as to who will win. After that night in [...]

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Rasmussen Senate Projections: Still a Toss-Up

UPDATED JUNE 17 The Rasmussen Senate projections show no top-line changes over the past couple of weeks. At the moment, the numbers show Republicans emerging from the election with 48 seats, the Democrats with 47, and 5 in the Toss-Up category. Illinois and Wisconsin are the only states currently projected [...]

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The 2016 edition of the Bloomberg Technology Conference was, as expected, a wonderfully inspiring event. It was an opportunity to see the people and hear the ideas that are shaping our global future. It is almost impossible to convey the can-do attitude and sense of optimism that permeated the event and drives the tech industry today. […]

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Bloomberg Technology Conference Provides Hope for Future

Spent today at the Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco. I'll be writing more in the days to come, but had to acknowledge just how inspiring it was. The contrast with the world of politics and official Washington couldn't be more dramatic. It's wonderful to hear serious people [...]

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Sad Day: RIP Gordie Howe

The news of Gordie Howe's passing this morning was not really a surprise, but it broke my heart. There was nobody like him and there never will be. He was among the top five scorers in major league hockey for something like 23 years in a row. He had [...]

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Clinton Starts General Election With Lead and Momentum

As the General Election season begins, Democrat Hillary Clinton has both a lead over Republican Donald Trump and momentum. The Rasmussen Electoral College Projection shows Clinton winning in states with 191 Electoral College votes while Trump has the edge in states with 170 Votes. Fourteen states with 177 Votes are at least somewhat competitive.  […]

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Trump’s Uphill Battle in the Midwest

Donald Trump faces an uphill battle to win the General Election in November. He must win all the states captured by Romney to claim 206 Electoral College votes and find another 64 somewhere to reach the magic number of 270. Some believe he can do so by capturing [...]

Hillary’s Big Bounce Has Begun

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a big night Tuesday to wrap up the Democratic nomination. Her bigger than expected victory in California has given her momentum as the General Election season begins. Clinton's chances have improved in seven nights according to overnight changes on, a [...]

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