Rasmussen Senate Projections: Democrats Take the Lead

UPDATED August 25 The Rasmussen Senate projections show that the summer has been good for Democrats. Current projections indicate that both parties can feel good about 45 Senate seats with 10 still in play. That's a slight improvement since June when the GOP held a 46-45 advantage. However, [...]

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Is There Enough Time for Clinton to Lose?

In baseball, a team entering the ninth inning with a two-run lead will bring in their closer to secure the victory. However, if the team has to rely upon a less-skilled reliever, there is always a chance they will blow the lead. A single bad pitch could wipe [...]

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The Greatest Asset of the Trump Campaign is Hillary Clinton

On Fox Business Network, August 23, 2016

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Battle to Legalize Marijuana Shows Value of State-Based Regulations

For people who believe in freedom and self-governance, it’s always better to have regulations established by state governments rather than the federal government. That’s because states are subject to competition while the federal government is not. If a state passes stupid laws and regulations that harm the quality [...]

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The Best Reason for Hope in 2016

On a recent trip to Utah, I spoke with the local ABC affiliate, Good4Utah, about reasons for hope in a dysfunctional political system. Enjoy the interview. As the reporter notes, "American ingenuity will continue to be more powerful than policy regardless who wins the election." "The culture and [...]

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Rasmussen Electoral College Projections: North Carolina Now Leans Clinton

UPDATED AUGUST 15, 2016 Over the past couple of weeks, Hillary Clinton has solidified her advantage in the Electoral College. The Rasmussen Electoral College Rankings show four states shifting in the Democrat's direction. Most significantly, North Carolina moved from Toss-Up status to Leans Democrat. It is now the [...]

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Could Donald Trump Come in Third?

In 1992, a colorful billionaire with no political experience ran for President of the United States. Ross Perot played by his own rules, largely funded his own campaign, and, at one point, was leading the race ahead of both President George H. W. Bush and then-Governor Bill Clinton. [...]

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Following Conventions, Clinton Expands Electoral College Advantage

Following the nominating conventions, the Rasmussen Electoral College Projections shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by a margin of 269 to 164 with 105 votes in play. That's a 68 vote improvement for Clinton compared to pre-convention totals. There has been no change for Trump. When “leaners” are [...]

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Trump Does Want to Win, But Only on His Terms

Just about every Republican official and consultant has at some point wrestled with the question of whether or not Donald Trump really wants to be President of the United States. Many think that he wants to win the election, but doesn’t want the job that comes with it. [...]

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From Convention to Election Day

Fox and Friends First July 29, 2016 When it comes to politics, there are two separate worlds--the world of political junkies and the rest of America. Discussed what to expect between now and November, along with what Bernie Sanders' fans will do.

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